Manufacturing Process Planning Overview

Aras Manufacturing Process Planning provides an integrated approach to managing manufacturing data and processes in PLM. It supports graphical and concurrent process plan, MBOM and work instruction authoring plus real-time automatic EBOM/MBOM reconciliation.

MPP In-depth 


  • Bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and costly EBOM/MBOM conflicts
  • Improve efficiency by synchronizing process plans, MBOMs and work instructions
  • Implement a digital thread with as-designed to as-planned traceability

Key Features

  • Version controlled process plans detailing operations, steps, parts consumed, resources utilized, skills, documents referenced etc.
  • Concurrent authoring of visually rich electronic work instructions
  • Version controlled MBOM derived from EBOM using
    • Drag and drop editing
    • Concurrent process plan and MBOM creation
  • Automatic EBOM/MBOM reconciliation
  • Plant-specific MBOMs and process plans

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